Simulated Views from Starman of Elon's Tesla Roadster.

I’m working on a simulated 3-d view of the Roadster. Specifically, I’m working on a Screensaver. I’ve made a few improvements since this video was done, but it should give you a good idea of it. You may purchase the screen-saver for Windows at I also have the EXE I used to make the simulation there, and am continually updating it. I am working on other systems to use the app as well, and improving the graphics. Expect to see both soon! If you want to know how to use the tools I used to make this, see my FAQ Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to support more of these videos coming out!

In addition to the Screensaver Mode, I’m working on a visualization for the long term future of Starman. If you would like to take a look at that, see this video. Let me know any suggestions that you have. Ideally I would like to do this right the first time, although no doubt I will have a few versions of the video as time goes on.